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My Large End Grain Boards provide the ultimate in performance and aesthetics. They're made from one large clear plank of lumber and symmetrically bookmatched across the width of the board. Cherry is a quite hard wood and makes a very smooth surface for cutting and also easy to clean.
This Large End-Grain Walnut Cutting Board will provide the ultimate in high performance and beauty for any kitchen. Equally great for both cutting and serving. End-grain boards are extra durable and long lasting.
• Made from one large plank for a continuous bookmatched pattern across the whole width. Sits perfectly flat and won't move with use.
• 6 custom made rubber feet for a super grip on counters.
• Silky smooth and coated with a mineral oil and beeswax finish.
• 2½ x 14 x 22 with feet. The wood is a solid 2¼ in. thick.
• Comes with artist's hang tag.
• Made in Michigan.
$450+ 30 shipping, photo shows actual board. Please inquire.

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